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Goodbye Macondo

Lleca Teatro

Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Closure. Justice. Amid a magical landscape of violence and memory, these refugee actors try to find ways to deal with the past and build an ever-elusive future, here, in the present.

Meer informatie

Goodbye Macondo/ Adiós Macondo is a visual political theatre play created by Nicaraguan refugee theatre group Lleca Teatro. Located in the fictional Macondo, the actors share their experiences with violence and displacement amid a sensorial landscape of memories, looking back at the violent political systems they left behind, but can’t seem escape. 

From behind their masks, they question what remains. Who has the right to remember? Whose truth matters? What can be told and what should remain unsaid? As they build altars, guilt, fear and denial slowly give way to expression and inversion. Live music and poetry. After the play, the décor remains as an installation that you can walk around in up close – invited to add a memory of your own.

Adiós Macondo premiered at the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam on 1 April 2023. Follow the link to watch a mini-documentary about the group’s origins and creative process.


Na afloop van het stuk blijft het décor staan als installatie, zodat het publiek het landschap van herinneringen van dichterbij in zich op kan nemen. Je mag er dan ook zelf een herinnering aan toevoegen. Aansluitend is er een nagesprek.