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Eugene’s blog about Empathy

Eugene’s blog about Empathy

A few weeks ago we organised our very first virtual ICAF, live broadcasted from Rotterdam and Singapore! Most programme items of MINI ICAF have been recorded and in the coming months we will share the recordings via our newsletters and social media channels. 

In the first conversation about empathy, art and community, facilitated by Tim Prentki and Salvo Pitruzzella were accompanied via Zoom by a very diverse group of conversation partners from all over the world. 

In preparation for the conversations about empathy, our colleague Eugene van Erven read and took notes from two books about empathy: and . We really recommend you read Eugene’s blog if you are interested in the topic, or use it as a reference while listening to the conversation.

– Notes on The Empathic Brain:

– Notes on The War of Kindness: