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Online virtual Learning Exchange

Online virtual Learning Exchange

The IMPACT group, which was also going to be present at ICAF-8 with several activities, invites you to participate in an online virtual Learning Exchange on the topic of Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (ACCT). This Learning Exchange is co-convened by  ArtasfoundationCrear Vale la Pena (CVLP), Free Culture InvisibleFundación Cambio Democrático (FCD), Humanity United(HU), International Community Arts Festival (ICAF),  Imagining Together: Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT) and the  International Teaching Artist Collaboration (ITAC). 

The partnering organizations have come together to co-convene this exchange because experience and evidence demonstrate that arts and culture can be crafted to contribute to the prevention, reduction, and transformation of violent conflict and to affect positive and sustainable change. They invite your participation because it is vital to consider the perspectives and ideas from people in every region of the world, working in this field, locally and globally, in policy and in practice, in contemporary arts and in traditional cultural forms.

The Learning Exchange will take place on April 21-22 during 48 hs., on  Platform4Dialogue the online platform of the UK-based peacebuilding organization Peace Direct.

This collective conversation is designed for artists, cultural workers, peacebuilding and conflict transformation practitioners, researchers, funders and policy-makers in the ecosystem of arts, culture, and conflict transformation to explore together the importance of three key components of our work: Resistance, Re-humanization and Reconciliation.  

To inspire and trigger this exchange the organizers share here the Acting Together on the World Stage documentary by Allison Lund and Cynthia Cohen, a film that presents the contributions of performance and ritual around these components and brings examples and reflections of experts in our field. 

Participants can expect to interact in a secure, constructive, and focused online dialogue (all via written posts) with other registered participants. Resource materials will be made available for you to access during, or after the exchange. You are free to share these with others. Facilitators from the field will help guide the online dialogue and pose questions throughout each day.


  • The Learning Exchange will be in two languages, English and Spanish, simultaneously and in the same platform but in two separated spaces. Those who speak both languages can move from one to the other.  
  • The exchange happens entirely online so you will need access to a computer with internet connection or a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Participants will be able to log-in at any time during the 24-hour period of a day (from any region and time zone).
  • Participants are asked to log-in at least two times per day during each of the two 24-hour “days” (April 21 and 22). Most people stay active in the Learning Exchange for 20 minutes or more each time.
  • Over the two days of the exchange, a number of discussion topics and survey questions will be proposed. Participants will add their comments, ideas, and responses each day. 
  • No advance preparation is required, though participants are asked to draw on their own expertise and experiences to contribute to the conversations and hopefully will watch the documentary  Acting Together on the World Stage.  
  • Reading materials, videos, and links are available when the learning exchange begins and throughout the 2 days as a resource.

If you are able and willing to participate please respond no later than April 19 to Armine Avetisyan (IMPACT, Project Manager): You will then be sent information on how to register.