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ICAF 2017: Join the movement!

ICAF 2017: Join the movement!

Less than a week to go until ICAF 2017!  The first international artists are arriving in Rotterdam, the flyers are being distributed and people from all over the world are signing up for their own unique festival experience. Here are three steps to joining ICAF: 

If you haven’t registered yet, do so now to ensure the festival experience of your own choice. After checking the complete programme and the timetable, you can register right here. Need help? Send an e-mail to

This movement can’t grow without you. Let others know about the festival and use the hashtag #movewithme to invite them to join.  

Since 2014 ICAF has offered festival participants authorship in a socially engaged multi-media installation. This year the installation explores what you think is the potential of art: is it able to connect people, heal wounds, move to action, drive change? Share your thoughts and contribute to the installation by completing the following sentence in a tweet, blogpost, picture or video: “Move with me to discover art’s potential to…” Share your reflection on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtags #movewithme and #icaf2017, or e-mail it to