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Full programme ICAF 2017 online!

Full programme ICAF 2017 online!

The full programme of ICAF 2017 is online!  You can now sign up for your own unique festival experience. Pick the day(s) you can attend ICAF, choose your favourite route and register!


In the programme booklet you can find everything you need to know about the attending artists of ICAF 2017. Despite differences in style, method, and modes of expression, all of them believe in the importance of co-creating work with people who normally do not have access to the arts and whose perspectives on life are equally crucial to express than those who do. 

Through an always serendipitous process of unsolicited proposals, suggestions from our guest curators, tips from other friends, chance encounters and foreign travel, we have managed once again to put together a very exciting programme. It contains all imaginable art forms, represents all continents of the world, and responds more than ever before to the urgencies of the times. It makes a statement: community art, in all the meanings and manifestations that this contested term covers, is the most relevant and necessary art practice in the world today.