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International Community News

International Community News

In Community News we share updates from community arts organizations from around the world.  This month we share  a call for applicants to an artists-in-residence in the field of arts and mental health at the Van Abbemuseum, the fourth International Art and Community Festival organised by Pele, and an artistic perspective on the US election.

Artist-in-residence: Van Abbemuseum
The Van Abbemuseum and the GGzE (Mental Health Care Institute Eindhoven) invite national and international artists or artist groups working in the fields of socially engaged art, community art, participatory art, art & science, social design or other related fields to apply for the artist in residence programme Artistic Strategies in Psychiatry. During the two months residency on site at the GGzE, the artists are asked to develop and realize site specific projects of high artistic quality and innovative approaches that have a concrete, positive and lasting impact 

Festival: International Art and Community Festival by Pele
MEXE_International Arts and Community Meeting has become over its three editions (2011, 2013 and 2015), nationally and internationally, one of the compelling and nescapable spaces for the crossing and deepening of community artistic practices. In this fourth edition, MEXE has as major theme “Cidade – Corpo Coletivo” (City – Collective Body). Which city inspired us in the past? Which city has been “exhausted”? Which shapes does the city take? Which city do we look for? How do we build a city? How is the city organized and how does it function? The city as a platform to practice citizenship, as a central arena of the human existence. In a part of its program, MEXE makes space to present the proposals that fit the defined guiding lines, in the three components: (1) Shows, Installations, Performances (2) Workshops (3) Documentaries Exhibition in different artistic areas, such as: Theatre, Dance, Music, Circus Arts, Performance, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Photography, Installation, Design and Architecture.

Reflection: an Artistic Perspective on the US Election 
In Three Days After the Election, artistic director Dudley Cocke (Roadside Theatre) reflects on the results of the recent US election. He argues that “for our government of, by, and for the people to work, there must be opportunities and places for people to come together across lines of perceived difference to share their life stories, learn from each other, and form community bonds.”