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Upcoming Events 2016

Upcoming Events 2016
Spring is almost upon us, and with the following events on the calendar there is every reason to look forward to it.
From 11 to 13 March Dansmakers Amsterdam organises ‘The Relevance of Dance’, a three-day event with open conversations, lectures and interactive programs in which artists, policymakers and scientists come together to map the importance of dance in and for society. In the evenings there will be two performances in which a new generation of choreographers shows its innovative work: Euripides Laskaridis and Michele Rizzo. This new generation is shaping the future of dance in Europe by working with themes such as transition, sustainability, mobility and social innovation.
From 24 to 28 March Upstate Theatre Project presents An Easter Service in collaboration with the An Táin Arts Centre. Using historical testimony, local research and community collaboration and participation they have forged a contemporary imagining of the events of 1916. Blending participatory process and personal reflection on local, national and international historical events the performance fashions a unique re-examining of the birth of a nation. Reflecting on the lives of some of those who were key figures in these historical events, the performance re-presents the past through contemporary styles and modern innovation. 
From 7 July to 7 August Cornerstone Theater Company is hosting a summer residency that explores the intersection of theatre and community. The Institute Summer Residency is a comprehensive way to learn Cornerstone’s process for creating community-engaged theater.  It is designed for people who are looking for insight, tools and inspiration for engaging a community toward a specific project or goal. Through classes and hands-on participation in a production, Cornerstone’s Ensemble, staff, and guest artists share with students how they create a theatrical community-collaboration from start to finish.
It’s Where We Go is a site-specific performance that explores the British seaside and the phenomenon of nostalgia, through live performance and audio. The performance is a community-driven project and the continuous flow of contributions will create a library of memories, which aims to connect people from all over the United Kingdom (and beyond) to share their own personal stories about the seaside. The legacy that this creates will be available as an online public platform for further contribution, discovery and exploration. Performed on August 26th at the Herne Bay Festival, UK. More dates will be announced soon.

Picture by Cornerstone Theatre