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BasketBeat in Rotterdam

BasketBeat in Rotterdam

For the past week, Josep-Maria Aragay from BasketBeat has been working in Rotterdam. As part of the last ICAF, Josep-Maria Aragay from Barcelona conducted a workshop of a method which he developed in his hometown to familiarize at-risk youth with the arts of music and dance. For the past week he has been working with De Nieuwe Kans and Yets Foundation, two organisations that inspire young people to take more firmly control of their lives. For everyone involved it has so far been an incredibly valuable and rewarding experience. By means of beats, bodies and voices every workshop something different is created. Whereas the first stages of the workshops focused mainly on making connections and on feeling one as a group, in the later stages the groups are working towards making more complicated rhythms and songs. The BasketBeat methodology emphasizes the interconnectedness of things that are often perceived as dichotomies, most importantly the body & the mind and the group & the individual. Whereas the goal of making music with basketballs can only be achieved by collaborating, it is the myriad of abilities of the individual that Josep-Maria works through. Realising that many of the youngsters have to deal with things on their own, it is important that they realise their own responsibility and potential. At the same time BasketBeat embodies the fact that knowledge does not only move from our heads to our hearts through our hands, but that working through the body, including the voice, is a movement not merely directed by the mind but towards the mind as well.

Coming Thursday, a group of talented youngsters will show that music can be created with just a basketball and, most importantly, with each other. Together with Josep Maria Aragay they have been working hard to make beats and become closer as a group. You are invited to come see and listen to what they are capable of, and from what we have already experienced, this will be nothing less than impressive.

WHAT Showcase BasketBeat
WHEN Thursday 19th of November 14.00
WHERE Islemunda, podium van IJsselmonde

We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to: For more information, go to: