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Big hART in the UK



Big hART is London:  Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th November 2013


‘a theatre performance… that has the rare power to touch the heart, lift the spirit, make us laugh, move us to tears and change the way we view our world.” – The Canberra Times


Come and experience the award-winning Aboriginal performance Namatjira, from Central Australia – 3 nights only, at Southbank Centre in London. Created by Australia’s renowned inter-cultural ensemble Big hART, and coinciding with the Royal Academy’s Australia Exhibition, this unique event tells the story of the extraordinary indigenous artist – Albert Namatjira.


As a boy Albert Namatjira walked from the desert to the shock of meeting white people for the first time, then quickly mastered the difficult art of watercolour, selling his pictures to keep 600 extended family members from hunger. Bestowed with citizenship when Aboriginal people were still considered flora and fauna, his career started the indigenous art centres movement, his art revealed the desert inland to suburban living rooms, and his paintings were presented to a young Queen Elizabeth on her Coronation tour. In doing so Albert changed Australia forever… why then did he die a broken man?  


Surf to for more information about Big hART and Namatjira.