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The Air We Breathe

The Air We Breathe

Merlijn Twaalfhoven An interactive concert with professional singers, an experienced amateur choir and audience participation. You’ll experience the natural beauty of music.  

It is a short, intensive, surprising concert that will immerse you in a miraculous sonoric world.

Merlijn Twaalfhoven is an unusual composer and cultural entrepreneur. He creates large-scale projects in which he connects art with society. These can be initiatives where neighbourhood residents collaborate with amateur and professional musicians. Frequently he works in places where social differences lead to political tension.


Thus he brought together 400 Turkish and Greek musicians in Cyprus, each performing on rooftops across the demilitarized zone (see also the film Echoes Across the Divide, which we had in our programme on Thursday night), he organised a festival in a Slovakian gypsy ghetto and composed a music piece that symbolically tore down the separation wall in Bethlehem. Together with the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra he made
“Symphony for All”, a composition with 150 children, amateur musicians and the audience. And in the Old Town of Jerusalem he curated an underground festival that celebrated cultural diversity despite official Israeli prohibition.