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It Should Be Me Up There!

It Should Be Me Up There!

Glasgow Citizens Theatre ‘It all started when my addictions got me into trouble with the law, I had two choices: go to jail or do something about my recovery. This is the story of how I ended up in the theatre.’

At the heart of the Gorbals in Glasgow – where remnants of an era of economic deprivation now stand alongside expensive modern apartments – a 133-year-old theatre has become a place where people feel a sense of belonging and have the desire to challenge themselves.

It Should Be Me Up There! features the journeys of everyday people drawn from all walks of life – some of whom have struggled with alcohol and drug dependencies, mental health problems or long-term unemployment –
and will explore why they took the personal risk of performing in front of hundreds of people and what difference doing so has made to their lives.

This piece of theatre will celebrate their stories. It will be candid, personal and life affirming, told with uncompromising honesty and Glasgow’s uniquely wry humour.

It Should Be Me Up There! is currently in the process of being created. Please watch for blog updates about the creative process on