23 oktober 2019

**4th HIGHLIGHT OF ICAF 2020**

Maati TV is a web based interactive video platform aimed at creating an alternative narrative of Pakistan that promotes peace, tolerance and democracy. The organisation - run by a young female documentary filmmaker called Risham Waseem (1991) - puts forward narratives of peace, tolerance, gender equality and cultural heritage through digital stories, mini web series and citizen journalism. This platform works on two levels. Firstly, it aims at putting forward narratives that might be ignored by the mainstream media. It exposes people to stories that encourage and inspire them towards a peaceful Pakistan where diversity is celebrated. Secondly, it is a platform for critical discourse. Individuals get to advocate for issues that directly impact them by sending in their stories. It is a free, creative and safe space for the people of Pakistan where they can change the current story of their country and its people, by actively contributing to an alternative one.

At ICAF we are honoured to welcome Risham Waseem to conduct an interactive workshop about her work and to explain how it affects the context of her country and visa versa. In this hands-on event, Risham Waseem will share how Maati TV uses story-telling techniques and digital media to create a counter narrative against extremism and injustice. It will give an overview of the various advocacy and communication tools that Maati TV employs, particularly citizen journalism through mobile phones, and how it is used towards creating a dialogue in society. The workshop will also provide space to discuss the impact a collective narrative can have towards changing the mind-set of a community and how Maati TV is contributing to that. The participants of the workshop will be familiarized with the technical aspects of this platform, as well as the philosophy behind it.

28 februari 2020

Corona virus

Beste vrienden en collega’s. Zoals jullie weten heeft het Corona virus Nederland bereikt. Als ICAF zijn we het nieuws rondom het virus op de voet aan het volgen …


Workshops on Thursday and Friday


The statistics are well known. …


Live performance on Friday night and workshop on Saturday


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