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Bristol Festival van de Gemeenschap Theater

Bristol Festival of Community Theatre

The International Festivalof Community Theatre in Bristol is taking place from 26 through 29 March, 2012. The programme will contain six performance presented by the four COAST partners,post-show discussions, practical workshops and seminars with expert panels. The structure will be somewhat comparable to ICAF: evening performances, followed the next day by a morning talk show with representatives from the previous night’s shows and an afternoon menu of workshops. Acta is aiming at about 100 active participants in the festival, with evening shows being open to the larger general public. Acta will present two of its own productions (A show with, for andby Somali women and a show with, for and by elderly Jamaicans living in Bristol), RWT will bring Zhong 2, a specially created sequel to its earlier site-specific project with the Chinese Community in Rotterdam, EXME will bring a storytelling performance of migration from Egyptto Berlin supported by live music, and Grodzki will bring a puppetry show.

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