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Ndeye Amina Seck

Amina Seck is a Senegalese woman, who graduated from the department of marketing and business communication at the Technical Institute of Commerce in Dakar. After more than fifteen years working in communication and telecom companies, she professional retrained and devoted herself to her passion: writing, art and culture.

Amina Seck published her first novel “Mauvaise Pente” with Diaspora Académie editions in 2017. She participated in the collective work on the Queens of Africa “Martyr Luther Queens” in 2018. She wrote and directed a short film on the practices female genital mutilation; “Impure”, filmed in Ségou, Mali in 2018.

As a specialised screenwriter, she collaborates with national and international film production houses, on series projects, short films and feature films. She is also a scriptwriting coach and leads writing workshops for women.

In 2021, she founded “Les Cultur’Elles” which is an agency for the promotion of women’s art and culture. Her agency aims to highlight all women who evolve in the cultural milieu, by organising training, capacity building workshops, artistic residencies, symposia, and the production of collective works of art for women. She is the initiator of the Dakar Women’s Book Fair, which will be in its second edition in May 2023.

A feminist activist, she is a founding member of the Platform of Feminists of Senegal and the Diaspora.

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