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Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam

CIRC/US is rooted in a poetic as well as entertaining vision of community arts based on storytelling. The circus theme and imagery are used to showcase people and their stories and develop a sense of community both on stage and among the participants and the audience. Their aim is to share the thrill and sense of empowerment that comes through creating a work of high artistic value with people. 

CIRC/US is a project that focuses on people and their stories. It brings performance professionals and neighbourhood residents of all ages and cultural backgrounds together to join their energies for the creation of something special. CIRC/US means the “circle of us”. It is based on the love of people and their stories. The project is rooted in the desire to share the magic and power of artistic creation which can inspire, empower and transform. Voices of the City, the arts organization headed by Ron Bunzl, created and produced this unique event in the northern suburbs of Amsterdam in 2010.