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International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

Europe, The Netherlands, Rotterdam

Nature of hope

The 11th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) with the title Nature of Hope will take place from 29 June to 13 October 2024 and will include an exhibition at the Nieuwe Instituut, a public program and Botanical Monuments, green places in Rotterdam.

Every two years, the IABR presents an extensive public cultural program of exhibitions, debates, lectures, workshops, and tours. This international stage celebrates the imagination of architecture. In the period between successive editions, the biennale continues its research and debate. From its home in Rotterdam, the IABR strives to occupy an agenda-setting and stimulating position in the national and international architectural debate. 

The IABR is agenda-setting, inquisitive, and inspiring by initiating, organizing, and producing conferences, films, books, lectures, debates, workshops, and master classes. Much of this program takes place both during the biannual event and between editions. This ongoing process of reflection and exchange among the design disciplines, with stakeholders such as citizens, governments, developers, businesses, and the public, also feeds back into the substantive program of successive biennale editions.

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