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Braga 25

Europe, Portugal, Braga

In 2025, Braga will be the Portuguese Capital of Culture.

A year-long celebration of national artistic creation, in connection with Europe and with the artists and cultural agents from Braga is therefore being organised.

Braga 25 is a year-long cultural initiative set to take place at various locations throughout the municipality of Braga in 2025. During this year, we aspire to showcase the best of what Portugal has to offer in different artistic domains within our city. But we want more.

The theme of Braga 25 is ‘DESEJAR’. DESEJAR focuses on action and reflection around participatory, community-based, and sustainable artistic practices. In this edition, it aims to promote experimentation and knowledge focused on contemporary artistic and cultural creation and production. DESEJAR is supported by an idea of common, sustainable art, based on the sharing of resources in which human and more-than-human elements of an ecosystem establish horizontal relationships.

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