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Introducing our ICAF 2023 Festival Resident: Met X 

Introducing our ICAF 2023 Festival Resident: Met X 

We have a new addition to our upcoming ICAF programme: the Festival Resident. A selected organisation who, we believe, showcases a diverse range of projects and an expanded community arts practice that merits an array of programmed moments throughout the festival to truly represent their work and impact.  

We are thrilled to share that in line with this Edition’s theme “The Sound of Change” we have invited Met X, the Brussels-based production house made for and by musicians, to be our 2023 Festival Resident.  

For us, MetX fully embody the ethos of the sound of change, and will translate this into daily events across our programme, including a main stage performance of “The Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi”. A concert led by Laïla Amezian, that pays tribute to the Ghanayats and Shikhats, female musicians who fought for freedom of expression through their art, that combines enchanting melodies, breath-taking brass instruments and an explosive chaabi groove, to create multi-vocal adaptations of popular songs from Morocco. 

Alongside this, for our City Programme Family Day, Fanfakids will join us. A group of youngsters from Brussels, ranging from 6-16 years in age, who transform their youthful energy into explosive concoctions of rhythms that combine a metropolitan mix of dance and music.  

We are honoured to have Met X with us for the festival.