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Looking back: Photo book and documentary


Last ICAF we had the honour of having our partner Kevin Ryan (Charnwood Arts, UK) as our official ICAF house photographer.  Together with his friend and colleague Liao Yun Ching (from Taiwan), they did the impossible: not only did they manage to capture almost every ICAF workshop and performance with only the two of them; the pictures are an artwork in themselves. In the coming months we will work with Charnwood Arts on turning these pictures into an ICAF photo book that will be accompanied by short articles and texts, in which we reflect on the festival. Next to Kevin and Yun Ching, we had the good fortune of having another friend and colleague filming at ICAF. Chris McAlinden Byrne (Pillarpix) from Northern Ireland, who performed at the 2011 edition of our festival, brought his own film crew to make a documentary about our event. Chris and his team are now doing the final editing of what turned out to be a beautiful registration of the festival. (We know because we watched the rough cut). The film will be presented and distributed together with the book sometime in the first half of 2018, so stay tuned.