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Order your own hard copy of: Community, Art, Power

Order your own hard copy of: Community, Art, Power

Order your own hard copy!

Community, Art, Power is available as book and DVD package for € 15 excluding postage. Please send an e-mail with your postal address to with the subject ‘Community Art Power order’. We will send you an invoice for € 15 + postage and will mail the package to you as soon as we receive your payment.


Book: Communiy Art Power – essays from ICAF 2011 plus DVD.

This book contains original texts by François Matarasso, Jan Cohen-Cruz, Michael Romanyshyn, Edith Scher and many others. It addresses music, theatre, storytelling, and visual arts in countries such as Argentina, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, England, Peru, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia and Canada. Community, Art, Power includes a unique DVD with mini-documentaries from the festival and a bonus track about an artist-in-residency of Dance United in The Hague. The book’s editor, Eugene van Erven, is artistic director of the festival and author of Radical People’s Theatre (Indiana University Press, 1988), The Playful Revolution (Indiana, 1992) and Community Theatre: Global Perspectives (Routledge, 2001).


*N.B. if you ordered your book during the ICAF festival in 2011 you do not have to order your book again. The book will be mailed to you free of charge.