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Global Savages

Global Savages

Theatre company Debajehmujig – Global Savages
Fri. 1 april 2011 at 8.30 PM I Zuidplein Theatre I DebajehmujigTheatre Group.Tickets availabe directly at Zuidplein Theatre, Zuidplein 60, phone +31-10-203 02 03 or via


The storytelling performance Global Savages gives a great insight into the unique worldview of the Anishinaabeg people.

Giiizhigo Kwe (Sky Woman) and three of her ten sons – Debajehmud (Storyteller) Maudjeekawis (Record Keeper) and Chibiabos (Musician) – have been traveling Turtle Island for 18,000 years. Their father was the West Wind, and within their bodies they contain the history of the Anishinaabeg people. They travel light – their hides and furs barely changed over thousands of years – something added here, something worn out there. They travel on foot pulling a simple travois adapted for concrete, and containing their few possessions – a pot for tea, some medicines for health, ceremony and protection, some items for trade.

The Global Savages are on a constant search for three things: fresh drinking water, people who will listen to their stories, Pukawiss (Dancer) son of Sky Woman exiled thousands of years ago by his brothers

They have been given good council by an elder whose ancestor was taken in a great wooden canoe across the big water to delight the King of England. His advise to the Global Savages, was to find the centre of each village whereupon a great fountain would be located, that would provide fresh water and a safe gathering place from which to tell their stories to the people. Their brother Pukawiss would also need water, so they may very well find him at one of these fountains as well.

And so the journey of the Global Savages continues, sharing stories in response to their experience of the world around them and the people they meet. They are a gentle, generous, and happy group, other than the occasional sibling rivalry – which is to be expected from a family traveling together for several millennia.