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Seminar: The Power of Community Arts


The theme of Power runs through the festival. The subject will be most evident at the daily seminar led by Professor Jan Cohen-Cruz, an internationally recognised authority in our field. Taking the festival programme as a tangible frame of reference, those joining the seminar will reflect on what the power of community art means in different parts of the world and how it can vary according to context and art form. Just how important is the power of artistic expression? Does art indeed have the power to bring about social change, as some claim? These are only some of the questions that Jan Cohen-Cruz and the seminar participants will examine in this in-depth, multi-day conversation.

N.B. Due to limited space a maximum of 30 people per day can attend the seminars. Together with Community Art Lab-XL, we are creating the possibility for others to follow the proceedings outside the seminar room through a live video link. And to communicate their most burning questions to Jan Cohen-Cruz.