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SAVE THE DATE! Consider this your official invitation to Mini ICAF 2024 taking place across Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March, 2024 – so save the date!   Mini ICAF is the smaller counterpart to the international festival and acts as a bridge between festivals. The programme is still in the making as we are writing this…

Introducing Will Weigler: ICAF 2023 Rapporteur

[Will’s Blog 1. March 29] And so it begins—The International Community Arts Festival 2023!  In March of 2020, a certain uncertainty that was unfolding around the planet meant that Edition 8 of the festival could not be the traditional full-on gathering of artists coming to Rotterdam. Nevertheless, our intrepid crew of producers managed, as we…

The runup to ICAF 2023 kicks off

The runup to ICAF 2023 kicks off with Drama Box’s online programme series  Join us online via Drama Box’s Facebook Page or Youtube Channel this Friday, 13 January at 10am CET / 5pm GMT+8 to hear more from Mekong Cultural Hub.  The runup to ICAF 2023 officially begins this Friday, 13 January, with the first…

More information about ICAF 2023 will be released soon.

In the meantime, make sure to save the dates Wednesday 29 to Sunday April 2 2023 to join us in celebrating ICAF 8 together in Rotterdam with the theme “The Sound of Change”.

Every three years, for five days Dutch city of Rotterdam opens its doors to world-class participatory art for International Community Arts Festival. Each festival, theatre, dance, music, film, and visual arts projects from every continent across the globe dock in the port of the city. As such, ICAF brings global participatory art to the Netherlands and connects it to various local communities in Rotterdam and beyond.

“Moments of in-betweenness are something you can never really directly curate. What you curate is a space to hold such potentialities. ICAF as a model allows for moments of in-betweenness to thrive.”

Tania Cañas, artistic director RISE Refugee, Mebourne, Australië  

During the festival, ICAF creates a unique experience: from large-scale performances, to intimate film screenings, to discussions with extraordinary artists and participating communities, to longer term experiments and exchanges with artist in residency programmes.   

The day program of the festival typically offers the opportunity to engage in in-depth conversations with professionals in the field around key issues, debates or updates in community arts. The evenings are then filled with live theatre, dance, film, and music performances that will leave you feeling energised, inspired and transformed.   

For each festival we select a thematic focus, which centres an artistic form or discipline, and an urgent topic or theme currently being discussed in the community arts field. Although we use this focus as a reference point for our programming, we make sure we offer a platform to projects and groups from every continent and all art disciplines to showcase and talk about their work in their own way.