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Introducing Will Weigler: ICAF 2023 Rapporteur

[Will’s Blog 1. March 29] And so it begins—The International Community Arts Festival 2023!  In March of 2020, a certain uncertainty that was unfolding around the planet meant that Edition 8 of the festival could not be the traditional full-on gathering of artists coming to Rotterdam. Nevertheless, our intrepid crew of producers managed, as we…

ICAF is a multi-trajectory, international program. We are at once a digital platform, a global Hub network, and, every three years, an international festival that take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, showcasing community arts organisations, professionals, and practices from across the world.    

Together, ICAF’s activities combine to offer global audiences a physical and digital space to explore unique, community-based art projects, engage in debates and discourse from across the field, and meet highly engaged artists and enthusiasts who make it their daily endeavour to bridge the distance between worlds, communities, and people from all walks of life.  

The people behind ICAF are Jasmina Ibrahimovic, Artistic Director, Anamaria Cruz, Creative Producer and Amy Gowen, Programme and Editor.


We strongly recommend watching the recording of the presentation of professor Sruti Bala that was part of our national festival ICAF NWE MKRS. Professor Bala, from the University of Amsterdam, facilitated an in-depth conversation about the pitfalls around ‘participation’ with Jasmina alongside key stakeholders in the cultural field in the Netherlands including lecturers from art academies, government…