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Community arts organizations from around the world keep us updated on their projects

11 Oct 2019, 07:53

RT @scottjack79: Absolutely superb night at Shindig / Mainyard, this #GretaThunberg vocal goes perfect with @FatboySlim !! 😍😍…

By: sheilpreston

8 Oct 2019, 23:09

@loveaustinpools Thank y’all! We ❤️ #ATX and we sure @loveaustinpools 💦❤️💦

By: forkliftdance

29 Apr 2019, 19:24

By: teatrolineasomb




We're excited to share that you can now register for an early bird ticket
for ICAF 2020. This edition, themed VISION, we are bringing together artists
from Australia, Pakistan, China, India, Portugal, Mexico, Honduras, Morocco,
Cyprus, Greece, Poland, USA, and many more. In the eccentric city of Rotterdam
they will show the potential of art to surprise, inspire and connect people across
borders, cultures and languages. Go to the ticket page for information on the festival
packages & special discount and send an e-mail to to book your
early bird ticket. 


**3rd HIGH LIGHT OF ICAF 2020**

16 September 2019

Amparo González Sola (Argentina) - workshop

Dance as a relational practice: exploring reciprocity

Amparo is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, activist, and researcher from Argentina. …

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Remembering Marcia… Tim Prentki

11 September 2019

A few weeks ago, Dr. Marcia Pompeo, sadly passed away. She was one of the pioneering scholars and practitioners of community theatre in Brazil. In May 2016, when …

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Ode to the unwavering people of Afghanistan

22 August 2019

Hjalmar Joffre-Eichhorn is a German-Bolivian theatre of the Oppressed practitioner whom we had the pleasure to meet on a number of occasions. …

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** 2nd High Light of ICAF 2020 **

16 July 2019


Appalshop, a U.S. nonprofit cultural arts organization based in the mountainous central Appalachian coalfields …

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Jasmina Ibrahimovic new director of the RWT

30 May 2019

Jasmina Ibrahimovic has been appointed as new director of the Rotterdam Neighbourhood Theatre Company (RWT) …

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**1st HIGH LIGHT OF ICAF 2020**

19 May 2019

 ‘Symphony of the Ursus Factory’ (Poland) – Film screening and workshop

The Ursus factory in Poland once covered 170 hectares and employed 20,000 workers, …

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