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Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival (BFPAF) is a space of encounter for artists and audiences, aiming to support local and international inter-disciplinary, fringe performance art. The theme for the 2022 festival is “Pockets (beyond)”. More information

ICAF 2023
Consultation session / Course / Film screening / Lecture / Online / Performance / Webinar / Workshop

ICAF 2023

Europe, The Netherlands, Rotterdam

THE COUNTDOWN TO ICAF 2023 IS ON! One year until ICAF 2023 physically takes place! Programming for the upcoming festival is fully underway for full days of talks, lectures, workshops, performances, artist residencies and, of course, some fantastic ICAF after parties. More information about ticket sales and prices will follow in next month’s newsletter, but…

Festival Faaccc 2023

After intensely combining practice and theorizing; travel, visit and carry out projects in more than fifteen countries; participate in the main international conferences in the sector; understanding that we do more than touch the balls and want to relate in other ways as an entity, from Basket Beat we thought it was necessary to start building a community…

MEXE 2023

Since its inception, MEXE has been organized in a participatory way, having developed, among other devices, forum spaces open to all who want to think and do together. In this context, and as usual, a collective discussion took place from which emerged the triggering theme for the next edition of MEXE – “The risk”.The last…

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