Artist: Dançando com a Diferença

At ICAF Dançando com a Diferença will perform ‘SAFE’. This production is the third in a trilogy choreographed and directed by Henrique Amoedo. Earlier productions in this series were GROTOX (in 2009) and ENDLESS (in 2012). All three shows are about the lack of dignity and respect in human relations. SAFE (2019) was co-created with a very diverse group of participants and focuses on migration, feelings, and how people behave when they find themselves on the safe side of a border. It deals with being forced to travel when one does not wish to. The direct trigger for SAFE was the Venezuelan exodus that brought many descendants from Madeiran migrants back to the island. Their parents or grandparents had escaped poverty on Madeira many decades ago and now, fleeing the current misery in Venezuela, they are anything but received with open arms on the island.  Just like in the previous two productions in the trilogy, dance, video, and live music form the powerful ingredients for a spectacular and moving multimedia production.


Co-production with Tiuri

The version of ‘Safe’ that will be performed at ICAF will be a unique reconstruction of the original show, featuring dancers and musicians from Madeira collaborating with dancers from Tiuri in Tilburg, community dance trainees from Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam and local residents from Rotterdam.

Wednesday 25 March 20.30