ICAF 2008



In this edition of the festival, interactive workshops took a more prominent role than ever before. There were workshops on ethics in community arts by Engrenage Noir (Montréal, Canada), on visual arts by Tonny van Sommeren and others, on community film and television, on community music by Ivo van der Borght (Belgium), about radio and Theatre in Chilean prisons by Teatro Pasmi (Santiago, Chile), and on community circus. The theatre came from the Philippines (PETA), Kenya (Crossroads), England (Bristol, Liverpool), United States (New Haven and Los Angeles), South Africa (Durban), Germany (Münster), Belgium (Kortrijk) and the Netherlands (BAF, Stut, Formaat, Waterhuis and RWT). The highpoint was undoubtedly the festival's opening production Hand in Hand, with more than 100 participants bringing the 100-year history of Feyenoord football club to the stage.