ICAF 2005



Matties by RWT (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Scherven/Kinderen van de 7e Maand by BAF (Dordrecht/Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Women in Prison by Tivoneleni Vavasati Aids Awareness Project (Elim, South Africa), Peccatoribus by Pregones (the Bronx, New York, US), For Love Nor Money by Acta (Bristol, UK), 36 Street by Spreebühne (Berlin, Germany), If by SOS (Diepsloot, South Africa), Vogels voor de Kat by Sering (Antwerp, Belgium), and Totier (en Nie Verder) by Kunst in de Stad in collaboration with NT Gent (Gent, Belgium). 
The 2005 edition of the festival saw our first residency, by The Rubi Theatre Company from New York. During the festival, this company made a short dance performance with young people. The festival also screened a community film for the first time, Zeedrift from the AllAboutUs Film Factory