Europe, United Kingdom
Art discipline: Theater, Music, Beeldende kunst, Dance, Nieuwe Media, Film, Academic Researcher
Participated in ICAF in: 2011, 2014

EMPAF participated earlier in ICAF in 2011 with workshops from Soft Touch Arts and Charnwood Arts

EMPAF is a unique and nationally well respected network, which is dedicated to championing the East Midlands as a Centre of Excellence for participation in the arts. During ICAF-4 en ICAF-5 a steadily growing delegation of the East Midlands Participatory Arts Forum (EMPAF) came to join us. In the week before ICAF-6, this network organization of more than ten arts enterprises will organize its own moveable residency. A team led by Paul Steele of Junction Arts (one of EMPAF’s core partners) will travel in a mobile radio station (a so-called ‘digital caravan’) through the network of CAL-XL to report from different locations on the unusual practices they encounter in the Netherlands. During their trip, they will collaborate with a Dutch sound artist. Between 26 and 31 March, the EMPAF digital caravan will be stationed in Rotterdam.