We hope that you all find the titles in our digital library both informative and inspiring, as you educate yourself on your journey into community art.



The Way We Move, 2018
During our ICAF SummerSchool in Barcelona on Sunday the of 22 July 2018 we launched our photobook The Way We Movein the Sala Beckett. The book is a co-production between ICAF and Charnwood Arts in the UK. It contains many spectacular photographs made by Charnwood's director Kevin Ryan and his Taiwanese colleague Liao Yun Ching and a selection of inspiring texts by ICAF partners. here.

ICAF in the Picture by Eugene van Erven, 2014
ICAF in the Picture contains the history of ICAF and an easily readable story of how community art has developed in different corners in the world. The book is illustrated with stunning photographs of award-winning photographer Peter van Beek and others. Available for download here.


Community Art Power: Essays from ICAF 2011
Community Art Power: Essays from ICAF 2011 is a collection of essays that cover a wide variety of topics in personalized, culturally specific styles. Download here.


Bread and Salt: Stories of Art and Migration by François Matarasso

Bread and Salt weaves together the stories of eighteen artists living in Europe whose lives began far away from here. Both their narratives and creative practices are a distinctive contribution to intercultural dialogue in Europe. Available for download here.

New Book on T.O. & Theatre for Living
This (Spanish language) book is the result of the emotional and intellectual labour of a great many hands, brains and hearts. It contains a total of 45 texts written by 66 practitioners and friends of the Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Living from 30+ countries. All the contributions have emerged from concrete methodological reflections and/or a deep engagement with the interventions, comments and questions made by countless spect-actresses in innumerable theatrical processes across the globe, with the aim to generate mobilizing questions and responses that can strengthen our working with the methods in our respective contexts of struggle. In short, Ensayando el Despertar (‘Rehearsing the Awakening’) is a book that aspires to do justice to the pluriverse of Theatre of the Oppressed practices in the 21st century.
481 pages, ISBN: 978-3-00-064054-4, €20/$22 (Individuals) & €60/$66 (Institutions)
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