Talent on the Run

Art discipline: Theatre

Artist: Fada Theatre

The opening performance of ICAF 2017 places us smack in the middle of the Syrian crisis and its immediate consequences in the Arab world and the west. Fada Theatre is a company composed of Syrian refugees who met each other at the end of 2015 in the temporary asylum seekers camp in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. 
The performers, seven people who had never acted before and two professionals (Ahmad al Herafi and Ramez Basheer), lived together with more than 1100 others in a former prison. In this stark and uninviting environment, Ahmad and Ramez created their impressive Talent on the Run. Ahmad and Ramez had met each other while on the run in Turkey. They decided to continue their journey together until they both ended up in Alphen aan den Rijn. After one of their fellow residents committed suicide in the camp, they took the initiative to convert the stories of other refugees into a theatre piece. They thus wanted to contribute to a more positive image of refugees among the Dutch, where xenophobia and anti-refugee sentiments are on the rise. Their message: “We are people just like you, with stories and dreams. All we want is a safe existence, for ourselves and for our families”. Nine of these stories form the backbone of this moving and intense multi-media performance.


After three sell-out performances in Alphen, Talent on the Run currently tours through the Netherlands. The shows are frequently followed by intense discussions, in which, for once, refugees are not talked ‘about’ but directly with. ICAF is glad to offer you the chance to do the same.




Wednesday 29 March 20.45