Slow Start

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning we offer a Slow Start Programme. For example, you can choose to take a yoga or tai chi class, dance, watch a film, see an exhibition or relax and drink coffee with a community arts colleague. For most of these activities you don’t have to register beforehand. You can decide on the morning itself what you would like to do. At the information desk you can collect a ticket for the activity of your choosing. Note that some activities have a maximum number of participants. The program may still change a little, but at the moment you can choose from:


Yoga Kaat (Friday and Saturday)

In addition to many years of experience as a community theatre director at Rotterdam Neighborhood Theatre (at ICAF you can see her performance Silent Heroines Disco), Kaat Zoontjens is also yoga instructor. So if you like to start your mornings quietly, flex your muscles and awaken your mind? Come to Yoga Kate!
Ps. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it along!


Dancing with ...

Every morning another community dance artist conducts a dance/movement workshop based on their methodology. So if you want to move physically, before being moved mentally? Join in!


Tai chi

Community arts professor Daniel Shen from Shanghai teaches us the art of tai chi. Join, relax and discover your inner strength.


Film Corner

We have discovered many beautiful documentaries of community arts projects from all over the world. Unfortunately, we cannot programme all of them, but in this specially equipped film corner you can enjoy some selected community arts films at your leisure.


The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show

This installation, essentially a mobile home with an inflatable island on top, created by Danish artist Søren Dahlgaard and some of his friends, is a mobile touring exhibition that acts to promote environmental and political awareness. Educational and aesthetically inventive, the exhibition consists primarily of non-physical interactive artworks such as performance, video, games & music. The installation is an important statement about the situation in Maldives right now – both in relation to the climate change issue and with regards to the political situation there. The fight against climate change is a fight for human rights. It is a fight for the right to exist in a healthy environment and to enjoy the freedom that goes along with that. The climate debate is all about that, as is the fight for democracy. Climate issues and human rights are equally important. There is no Plan B; because there is no Planet B.


Exposition Arts of the Umbrella Movement

The 69 days of occupying three central districts of Hong Kong during the Umbrella Movement generated a creative explosion unseen in the history of Hong Kong and distinctive in the history of activist arts. Out of passion and a sense of necessity, people spontaneously created arts that mixed mainstream arts forms with popular arts as well as religious expression. A broad range of arts forms, from digital art to traditional religious rituals, flourished inside and outside of the ‘occupied zones’, building a sense of solidarity and voicing out the frustrated call for democracy. You can visit the photo exhibition of artwork from the Umbrella Movement, which has been especially reconstructed for ICAF.

Professor Oscar Ho from Hong Kong will present and generate a conversation about this unusual phenomenon - and the power of arts in social movement in a seminar/workshop at ICAF.


The Roof

Moha is a homeless artistic collective founded by Hungarian artist Olivia Reschofsky and French artist Alice Pons. It has been operating in the public space of Amsterdam for over four years. Moha is the Hungarian name for moss. It is a familiar living element that grows almost everywhere, on everything in any conditions and in the most unexpected places. The collective specialises in developing inclusive art projects in which innovative forms of participation and cooperation go hand in hand with artistic experiment.

The Roof is an object and an idea Moha builds and imagines together with many different people they encounter through their work in the streets of the city. The Roof is a public and collective artwork addressing and using the different expertise we all have in the construction of its structure and identity. More than an object, The Roof exists through a collective action. It gathers and welcomes an inclusive audience. It is made to adapt to the different needs and functions given to it, in relation to the context in which it is placed. It becomes a key space to trigger a more direct encounter between art and society, a space to challenge and re-define the role of the art institute in the city. 

At ICAF, Moha will temporarily erect The Roof in Rotterdam so that an international group of participants can experience the sheer limitless possibilities of this object and idea.



Thursday 30 March 11.00
Friday 31 March 11.00
Saturday 1 April 11.00