Silent Heroines Disco

Artist: Rotterdams Wijktheater

About Women Connected / Rotterdams Wijktheater

Women Connected is an on-going project of RWT that involves women from all over Rotterdam. Together they create performances about their lives, their yearnings and their experiences. Women Connected works with women from different generations, cultures, and regardless of their training and talent. They share a common desire in inspiring other women to become stronger. After 10 years of working, Women Connected knows what make women tick and what societal issues they face. These become guiding themes in easily accessible theatre processes. Many of the participants Women Connected seeks to reach do not immediately have the courage to climb on stage to perform for the public. The project offers them, therefore, a very slow familiarization with theatre in safe spaces - until they are ready to make the next step and become role models by performing for other women. One of the most recent results that emerged from Women Connected is Silent Heroines Disco.


Silent Heroines Disco (Stille heldinnen disco)

Come dance away to the melodic ‘70s music of Hotel California while listening to the story of Will and her experiences in the Dutch East Indies. Allow yourself to be carried along to a schoolyard in Morocco. From the mysterious China of Mei-Sun and Da-Yin you suddenly skip to a tropical street party in Maria’s Cuba. Get fired up by Mildred’s story about her favourite song at her cremation, after which Fatma takes you to the Palestinian refugee camp where she grew up.


Through headphones you hear music and stories… Some take us far away to distant places while others keep us closer to home. On stage, we see all kinds of women who live in Rotterdam, but whose roots lie all over the world. They are moving and dancing in their own way, like they want to, as if no one were watching. The stage is their domain for a little while. We hear their stories, hear their favourite music, watch them dance, and are invited to dance along with them in the end.


Silent Heroines Disco is made by RWT artist Kaat Zoontjens. She has years of experience working with vulnerable women from Rotterdam who aren’t usually involved in theatre. Their voices are seldom if ever heard in the dominant culture in the Netherlands; they are usually invisible and are at best talked about by others. But they form an important part of the diverse cultural fabric of Rotterdam. This intimate performance provides you with a unique insight into their lives.

Thursday 30 March 13.30
Thursday 30 March 15.30