No guru, no method, no teacher

Artist: Ed Carroll & Vita Gelūnienė

Are you interested in how to make a parade as a form of street spectacle and protest?  How can a parade foreground bottom‒up and person‒up creativity in the face of the disappearance of public space? These questions form the basis for a hands-on workshop to rehearse how to co-produce, out of our bare lives, a bricolage of movement, sound and object. Bricolage becomes a metaphor for the creation from a diverse range of available things and people that can grow to collective agency. The outcome is not defined but it could contribute to future connections and exchanges e.g. for a street parade in Kaunas in September 2017.


The facilitators of this workshop, Vita and Ed, have for many years been involved in an extraordinary community arts project. It is called ‘The Cabbage Field’ and is located in the Kaunas city district called Šanciai (c. 20,000 inhabitants), which became home to invading armies of the Tzars, Nazis and Soviets. The years 1919-1940, the high period of Modernism in the city, saw Kaunas become a temporary Capital of the Independent Lithuania. While the world celebrated liberation in 1945 the West turned its back on Lithuania and it returned to Soviet domination. With the Singing Revolution of 1989 and the return of the nations’ independence, hope returned for a retrieval of national identity, but peoples’ experience was soured by corruption, crisis after crisis, and a seeping loss of civil trust in politics.


Cabbage Field 2014: [1 mins] 

Cabbage Field 2015: [6 mins] 

Cabbage Field 2016 [14mins] : 


Community artists Vita Gelūnienė (b. 1969, Kaunas) and Ed Carroll (b. 1960, Dublin) work independently of institutions.  Working with others, their field of view is community culture and cultural rights. Community culture is the time, energy and commitment that get invested by local residents to make their place and lives sustainable. Cultural rights is about developing a lens for the recognition and freedom to express community practice.

Thursday 30 March 13.30