Contextualizing Met-X Community Music in Brussels

Artist: Met-X

MET-X is a house for and of musicians. It was co-founded more than 30 years ago by saxophone player Luc Mishalle (1953), a community-oriented musician who in the past worked extensively with legendary performance groups like Internationale Nieuwe Scene, Dogtroep and Welfare State International. Widely recognized as one of Belgium's premiere jazz improvisers, Luc Mishalle's work at MET-X is characterized by fostering sustainable links with grassroots communities in Brussels and creating a productive fusion of all kinds of street music and the incredibly rich cultural diversity in this metropolis. MET-X motto is 'moving music', which fits nicely with this year's ICAF festival theme. It is also no exaggeration to call MET-X one of the leading community music organizations in Europe, if not the world.


"We transform sounds from the belly of the city into a unique musical universe. In close collaboration with enthusiastic artists coming from the most different horizons we manufacture the creative elements in order to form bands, events and educational processes. Our acoustic universe is closely linked to that of the steaming capital: sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. Never smooth. Always exciting. Moving music. Music that moves".


MET-X is the initiator, coordinator or partner in a number of ground-breaking music projects, includingFanfakids (a children's percussion group based in Molenbeek which will be featured at ICAF on Saturday afternoon, April 1), Remork & Karkaba (Moroccan-Belgian street band), community choir Shanti! Shanti! and Marockin' Brass (which performed on the opening night of ICAF).


In this workshop, Luc Mishalle, saxophone in hand and MP-3 files within reach, will explore together with you the genesis of his community-based music work. He will address the special relationship of MET-X with the Zinneke Parade, the importance of these kinds of music activities in a complex and volatile urban setting such as Brussels, and he will particularly focus on the two MET-X projects that can be seen live at ICAF: Marockin' Brass and Fanfakids.

Thursday 30 March 13.30
Saturday 1 April 13.30