20 September 2017

Looking forward: ICAF Summer School 2018!


Exciting news! Our second ICAF Summer School will most likely be held in the last week of July 2018, in Barcelona.  Community art practitioner and curator Eva García invited ICAF to investigate the possibilities of a Summer School in Barcelona. Eva has been living and working in Barcelona for more then fifteen years and has recently been commissioned by the City of Barcelona to give a qualitative impulse to the community arts scene in the city in the coming two years. Eva has been involved with ICAF since 2014, when we screened Fronteras, the film her previous company (TransFormas) made collectively, together with inmates. Since then Eva has been an important partner for us. She connected us to several inspiring companies in Spain and France; she participated in our first Summer School in 2016 and helped us translate our programme booklet of ICAF-7 into Spanish. At the end of August the ICAF core team (Eugene, Anamaria and Jasmina) travelled to Barcelona to explore this idea further. After an inspiring and productive week of what the Spanish call a lluvia de ideas (literary ‘rain of ideas’, or brainstorm), the first sketches of a Summer School were dra