Kevin Ryan

Europe, United Kingdom
Art discipline: Visual Arts
Participated in ICAF in: 2011

Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan is C.E.O. of Charnwood Arts, a community arts, education and media charity based in Leicestershire in the East Midlands (UK). Kevin's background is in photography, literature, media and visual arts and he first became involved in community arts in the 1970's through
Arts-led community development work in Portsmouth. After contributing to the development of projects or organisations in Brighton, Oxford, Loughborough and Leicester and freelance work around the East Midlands. Kevin joined Charnwood Arts as co-ordinator in 1991. The organisation is now, along with others in the East Midlands, considered a national flagship for participatory arts practice in England. Kevin is also a founder member and director of Mailout, the national magazine for participatory arts in the UK.
His experience spans projects and programmes across all art forms including project work in Europe, India, the Palestinian West Bank and China.

Charnwood Arts
Charnwood Arts is an independent community arts and media organisation based in the Borough of Charnwood in the East Midlands of Britain. Its current focus is on projects and developments which are aimed at connecting cultures and communities through the arts.

Their work encompasses most art forms, including multidisciplinary work and a wide range of approaches that vary from long term community arts projects, performances, outdoor events to publications, web sites, CD-ROM and video productions, school and community residencies, exhibitions and ongoing groups.

Their core work runs deeper than this and encompasses many roles which stimulate and support local cultural and community development, working in partnerships with local groups, schools and organisations and encouraging participation in the cultural life of Charnwood borough and the East Midlands. Charnwood Arts also works internationally elsewhere in Europe, India, China and the Middle East.