Dr. Sheila Preston

Europe, United Kingdom
Art discipline: Onderzoeker
Participated in ICAF in: SummerSchool-2018

Dr. Sheila Preston is head of performing arts at East London University and series editor of the Applied Theatre books from Bloomsbury/Methuen, in which authors critically reflect on different forms of applied performance. She also includes community arts under the umbrella term applied performance: applying art in co-creative processes together with neighbourhood residents. Her most recent book is Facilitation: Pedagogies, Practices, Resilience (2016).

In this work she reflects critically on the role and the influence of the community arts facilitator, particularly in participatory theatre processes. She calls for a more critical attitude vis-à-vis this crucial role in community arts and for a deeper awareness of the ethical dimensions in the work of community artists. We are convinced that someone like Sheila Preston is capable of challenging a group of experienced artists to think about their role as facilitators and the way in which they guide a process. In order to prepare themselves for this interection with Sheila Preston, participants are asked to prepare a workshop of two hours that they can deliver in the Summer School to their colleagues. This will form the basis for methodology exchange as well as for critical reflection on facilitation.